Sundaram – Statement of Integrity

Sundaram is a fully licensed establishment. We pay all hotel fees and taxes required by law (16% sales tax (IVA) and 3% hotel tax). This is not added on for our guests, is included in the nightly rate. We get yearly inspections from the city to verify that our installations are up to standards.

Our employees are on our payroll on a full time basis and receive all benefits required by labor laws, as well as a fair salary. They work for our guests, including maid service, and at our home. There is a lot of trust among us, forming a happy family. Furthermore, they are trained with the highest standards.

Our suites meet all standards required by Defensa Civil (comparable to OSHA in USA), such as fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency signage.

Our water is purified by 4 purification steps. The kitchen faucet water goes through 4 additional filtering steps including ultra violet light.

We have security surveillance in the entire property. Each suite provides security devices and safe deposits with special reinforcements added for your laptop, cell phone and passport. You and your belongings are kept safe at Sundaram.